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Jekyll Comic Con is pleased to announce that the Jedi Academy will be holding classes every two hours throughout Sunday, December 11th. Attendees of these classes will need to bring their own lightsabers. Each class will last about 15 minutes, and during non-class hours members from the Academy will be conducting lightsaber form demos. 


The group will close out the day with a panel from 6pm - 7pm in the main hall which will start with a bow-in knighting ceremony with sync form demos and a dueling performance - after which they will engage in a Q&A discussion. 

Jedi Academy of North Florida is a premiere performance group in the north region of Florida that performs around the entire state and beyond. Our members range from age 6-47 and are ranked from Jedi Initiate to Jedi Master. 


Our mission is to serve as an entertainment organization built around the Star Wars sci-fi enthusiasts We provide a fun environment while instructing in the ways and skills of the Jedi; we are a growing organization that believes in the power of unity, chemistry, harmony, persistence and discipline. Teaching students that one's goal can always be achieved if in yourself one first believe."

Click here to view Jedi Academy of North Florida's website!

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